After a motorcycle accident, an attorney can add a lot of value to your case. You should consider getting a lawyer because they can help you get compensation for your losses, including pain and suffering. Attorneys with experience in motorcycle accident laws understand the legal process and what it takes to hold an insurance company financially accountable.

You may notice the benefits immediately when you hire an Augusta motorcycle accident lawyer. Fortunately, many injury law firms in Georgia offer free consultations where you can gain insight into their services. Based on the information they provide, you can make decisions that suit your situation.

Why You Should Consider Getting a Lawyer for a Motorcycle Accident

Getting in a motorcycle accident can change your life in an instant. You could face debilitating injuries that leave you disabled or require extensive medical treatment. During this time, the last things you want to deal with are aggressive defense attorneys and insurance companies.

By hiring an injury lawyer, you:

Allow a Professional to Manage Your Legal Case While You Heal

Without a doubt, after a motorcycle accident, you will have legal issues that need to be addressed. The person who caused the accident could deny liability. The insurance company could offer less than you’re really owed and refuse to negotiate a full and fair settlement. An attorney can handle these issues for you. Lawyers are also counselors, who offer a shoulder to lean on during difficult times in people’s lives so you don’t feel alone.

Get Access to Honest Legal Advice

Googling your options only goes so far. You want legal advice that matches your situation’s details, so you understand how to move forward. When explaining any aspect of your situation, a lawyer draws on their resources, years of experience, and insights. With the information they offer, you can feel empowered to make decisions that feel right for your case.

A lawyer can also advise you on whether to:

  • Accept an out-of-court settlement
  • Give a recorded statement
  • Testify on your behalf in court
  • Proceed to trial

Your motorcycle accident team can also explain what constitutes a fair settlement offer. They evaluate your economic and non-economic losses to learn what dollar value reflects your situation. Then, they do everything in their power to secure what you need.

Get​ Status Updates on Your Case

Imagine that you don’t hire a motorcycle accident lawyer. Instead, you handle the legal process on your own. You first start by filing your insurance claim. Then, weeks pass. You hear nothing. You leave a few messages. Still, no response. Finally, after a month of wondering about your case’s progression, you connect with a claims adjuster who doesn’t know what’s going on with your claim, either.

Situations like these can quickly prove frustrating. You suffered serious injuries, and you want compensation as soon as possible. When you partner with a lawyer, your case file isn’t one of thousands; it’s a priority. You can expect your attorney to offer updates as needed and keep your case moving forward. You should never feel in the dark about your case’s progression or outcome.

When Should You Consider Getting a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

If you decide to hire a lawyer, you shouldn’t put this off. The longer you wait, the less time your lawyer has to build a compelling case.

Hire an attorney if:

  • You suffered serious injuries: Serious motorcycle injuries could lead to extensive medical bills. Without an attorney, you could struggle to determine how much compensation to seek for your losses. Your condition may also prevent you from undertaking some tasks on your own.
  • The liable party won’t play fair: The insurance company may combat your case from the very beginning. You shouldn’t have to put up with this. Instead, you deserve to focus on your well-being while a lawyer gathers evidence, negotiates a settlement, and otherwise advocates for what you deserve.
  • You anticipate a lawsuit. While most motorcycle accident cases get settled through insurance negotiations, you may need to file a lawsuit. This comes with many obligations you likely don’t want to handle on your own. A lawyer can file your case, advance your lawsuit, and advocate for you at trial.
  • You don’t have enough supporting evidence. You need evidence to ensure a favorable outcome to your injury case. Yet, you might not have the information needed to present a compelling case to the insurer. Your lawyer can interview witnesses, review traffic camera footage, and consult with colleagues to answer your case’s most pressing questions.
  • You don’t know how the claims process works. The liable insurance company may hope that you’re unfamiliar with the claims process, so it can offer much less than you need. This can quickly prove disadvantageous for you. A lawyer with experience managing the claims process can ease your anxiety by moving your case forward.

You don’t even need a specific reason to hire a lawyer after a motorcycle accident. If you plain don’t want to deal with the insurance company or bureaucracy, you could benefit from having legal representation.

How Can a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Help Your Case?

When you get a motorcycle accident lawyer, you get someone who can:

Speak to the Insurance Company on Your Behalf

Shortly after the accident, the insurance company could reach out to you. These early communication attempts can quickly prove overwhelming, especially if you’re unfamiliar with how the claims process works. Yet, if you hire a motorcycle accident attorney, they could take over these communications.

These communications may entail:

  • Explaining how your accident happened
  • Offering basic information to process your claim
  • Sending your demand letter
  • Negotiating a fair deal
  • Protecting you from unfair insurance tactics

Insurance representatives undergo extensive training to learn how to spot claims’ weaknesses. A lawyer can combat any attempts to undervalue, deny, or impede your case.

Collect Evidence Against the At-Fault Driver

Attorneys typically have a team of investigators who can collect evidence and demonstrate fault. Having a strong investigator investigate the circumstances of the accident can benefit your case.

They can help by:

  • Requesting a copy of the police report
  • Reviewing traffic camera footage
  • Consulting with accident reconstruction specialists
  • Visiting the accident scene
  • Interviewing eyewitnesses

By taking these steps, your attorney could collect evidence against the at-fault driver. This could compel the liable insurer to settle your case.

Secure Financial Recovery

Without a lawyer, you might only have a basic understanding of your losses. Yet, you may deserve compensation for losses you didn’t even consider, like pain and suffering.

After evaluating your situation, gathering evidence, and learning your side of the story, your lawyer could seek compensation for:

  • Medical expenses: Your healthcare expenses could comprise hospitalizations, surgeries, diagnostic tests, and doctors’ appointments. You could seek compensation for any past, present, or future medical costs you accrued because of your condition.
  • Rehabilitative treatments: You could require physical, speech, or occupational therapy to fully recover from your injuries. If you need these treatments, an attorney could help you seek compensation for them.
  • Lost income: Depending on the severity of your injury, you could lose income. A settlement or court award could offer funds to account for lost tips, bonuses, benefits, hourly rates, and contracts.
  • Loss of future earning capacity: Your injuries may prevent you from working in your current field—or in the same capacity as before. You can seek recovery for any difference in your income.
  • Pain and suffering: Pain and suffering refer to the emotional and physical trauma of the accident. It’s intended to account for the pain you suffered, the emotional anguish you experienced, and other related hardships. The value of this damage depends largely on your situation, including the types of injuries you suffered.
  • Other non-economic damages. Pain and suffering are just one non-economic damage your settlement can account for. You can also seek compensation for disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, and emotional distress.
  • Various out-of-pocket expenses. Your accident may have compelled you to spend money out of pocket, such as childcare costs, transportation expenses, and other related costs. A lawyer can use your receipts, bills, and invoices to pursue compensation for these necessities.

Other compensable losses may include funeral expenses, loss of consortium, and scarring. When you get a lawyer for a motorcycle accident, they can use their firm’s resources to pursue what you need and deserve from the liable party.

Negotiate With the Liable Party

Once your attorney identifies your damages and calculates their values, they can send a demand letter to the liable insurance company. The demand letter will list the facts of your case and the amount of compensation you wish to seek. In addition, your attorney can include evidence to support the validity of your claim.

If the insurance company does not pay the amount listed in the demand letter, your attorney can negotiate. Through negotiations, they can try to agree with the insurance company. Your attorney should always have your best interests in mind and continue fighting for the best possible outcome, even when complications arise. Without an attorney, you could struggle to recover the damages you need.

File a Lawsuit and Represent You

Sometimes, an out-of-court settlement isn’t possible. Yet, you still have options when seeking the compensation you deserve. For instance, your attorney could file a lawsuit against the negligent party. Through the lawsuit, your attorney could assert to a judge and jury why you deserve to recover compensation. Without an attorney, you could struggle to navigate the complexities of a lawsuit.

What’s the Deadline to File a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit in Georgia? 

After a motorcycle accident, you have a certain amount of time to file a lawsuit. In Georgia, the statute of limitations to file a motorcycle injury lawsuit is two years from the date of the accident. A motorcycle crash lawyer will help you to not miss this deadline.

Once the statute of limitations expires, the chances of recovering compensation for your injuries are significantly lower. The court system may refuse to hear your case, and the insurance company would have little incentive to settle. You want to give your case the best possible chance at a fair outcome, and a lawyer can help you achieve a positive result. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Lawyers for Motorcycle Accidents

You deserve answers to each of your questions if you’re considering hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer. Some of your questions may include:

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Lawyer?

Many motorcycle accident attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they won’t charge you anything unless your case succeeds. If you don’t win your case, you won’t have to pay them. You can learn about a law firm’s payment method during a free consultation. During this conversation, you can learn about legal costs and anything else relevant to your case.

How Long Does It Take to Resolve a Motorcycle Accident Case?

Your case’s timeline depends on many factors unique to your situation, including the severity of your condition and how much compensation you’re requesting. The length of time to settle a motorcycle accident could take weeks or months to secure a financial recovery. An attorney can address any obstacles that keep your case moving forward and do everything possible to achieve a fair settlement.

What Is the Average Settlement for a Motorcycle Accident Case?

There is no centralized database that documents all motorcycle accident settlements. The value of your case truly depends on your circumstances, not collisions at large. How much you can recover from a motorcycle accident depends on the medical treatment you require, your missed time from work, and the hardships you endured. A lawyer can assess your losses and fight for what you need.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Augusta, Georgia

Jacque D. Hawk - car accidents attorney in Augusta, GA area
Jacque D. Hawk, Car Accident Lawyer in Augusta 

Following a motorcycle accident, the healing journey can feel overwhelming. With the help of an experienced Augusta motorcycle accident attorney, you can navigate this challenging time with confidence. 

Personal injury lawyers not only guide you through the legal maze but also relentlessly advocate for the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve. As they shoulder the burdens of dealing with insurance companies and gathering crucial evidence, you can focus entirely on your recovery.

When an unfortunate injury happens, it’s important to secure the right legal support to safeguard your future. The path to recovery becomes significantly less intimidating when you have a dedicated legal team by your side, committed to protecting your rights and keeping you informed every step of the way. 

A free consultation with a motorcycle accident attorney in Augusta could be your first step toward obtaining the compensation you need. Your ideal lawyer will equip you with the resources, expertise, and resilience you need to overcome this adversity. 

Don’t let the aftermath of a motorcycle accident dictate your life – reach out for the support you deserve today.