DWI is one of the most common charges in the United States, but that doesn’t make it any less scary when it happens to you. That said, navigating the legal system and getting your charges dropped or dismissed is a lot more doable when you have a seasoned Augusta DWI defense attorney in your corner. An experienced DWI attorney handles these cases every day and can efficiently handle every step of the process and make sure you win your case.

In Augusta, a DWI conviction often results in the loss of your driver’s license or freedoms. Working side by side with a DWI lawyer gives you a much better chance of seeing your charges dismissed and getting back on the road. Contact a DWI law firm today for a no-cost one-on-one consultation.

Is a DWI Different from a DUI?

DWI (driving while intoxicated) is the most common charge given to adults who are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you test over the legal limit, you’ll likely face pretty severe punishment. If an accident occurred due to your impaired state, you could be facing an even greater battle. A DUI, on the other hand, tends to be the charge used for minors who have consumed alcohol or drugs. A DWI conviction can easily lead to steep fines, a revoked license, or even jail time. If you or a loved one have been charged with a DWI, contact a DWI attorney who can advise you on what steps to take next.

Is a DWI a Felony or a Misdemeanor?

Depending on the specifics of your case, your DWI will either be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. A misdemeanor is much less serious and tends to result in less severe penalties. There are many factors that can come into play and elevate the charges from misdemeanor to felony. If you have a previous arrest record, an incredibly high blood alcohol level, or are carrying an open container of alcohol, your changes could be higher. A trusted DWI lawyer can take a look at your case and determine what your options are.

How Important is a DWI Lawyer?

Being charged with a DWI can feel like rock bottom. A DWI can completely upend your family life, social life, and your professional life. If not handled correctly, it could result in jail time or losing the ability to take care of your children. This is not something you want to navigate alone. Google can’t win your DWI case. A trusted Augusta DWI lawyer can craft the best possible defense and likely get your charges dropped to a minimum. If you’re facing a DWI charge, contact The Hawk Firm at 706-429-5529 and let us help win your freedom.