Everyone, even those who aren’t familiar with the Augusta criminal justice system, knows a violent crime is considered a serious crime that can easily come with severe penalties. Actually, violent crimes are considered some of the most serious and severely punished forms of criminal acts. If you’re convicted of a violent crime in Augusta, you could end up facing large fines, a criminal record that will stay with you for life, and even prison time.

If you’ve been charged with a violent crime, you’re probably scared and confused. You’re wondering how this will change your life. There’s also a solid chance you don’t know what to do in order to preserve your freedom. An experienced criminal defense attorney can work aggressively to get your charges reduced or even dropped. Contact an Augusta criminal defense lawyer today to discuss your situation and learn more about challenging your violent crime charge.

What Are Considered Violent Crimes?

When most people think of crimes, they often think of violent crimes. A crime in which one person physically hurts another. Crimes that involve violence, a threat of violence, and crimes that involve a weapon or action that puts the other person’s life at risk. Essentially, for a crime to be considered a violent crime, the victim must have been harmed or threatened with harm, when the crime was committed. It’s important to understand that violence doesn’t actually have to be committed for you to be charged with a felony crime, the prosecutor simply needs to prove that a threat was issued. A good criminal defense attorney knows the legal system like the back of their hand and can quickly analyze your situation and determine the best possible defense.

What are the Penalties for a Violent Crime?

Every case is different, but the most severe penalties most often go to violent felonies. Each case’s circumstances vary, so there is a wide range of possible punishments for each crime. For people convicted of a violent crime, prison is a typical punishment. This could mean months, years, or even life incarcerated. Fines also tend to come with most criminal convictions, and for violent felonies, they can be substantial. There are more minor punishments, like probation, and more extreme punishments, like the death penalty, which are typically reserved for murder convictions. Your violent crimes attorney will be familiar with these penalties and can advise you on what you could be facing.

Can a Violent Crimes Attorney Help Me?

Violent crimes are some of the most serious crimes, and if you’ve been charged with one, your freedom is on the line. An Augusta violent crimes lawyer will leverage years of experience to implement an aggressive and effective defense in order to win your case and secure your freedom. If you have been wrongfully arrested or charged with a violent crime, take action with The Hawk Firm. Call us today at 706-429-5529 for a free one on one consultation.